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Learn How to Play Electronic Keyboard or Piano
In a week!

You are never too old or young to learn how to play the electronic keyboard or piano. However there are many cheap nasty methods on the market that may teach you to a certain extent, but leave you reliant on their own ‘trick’ music that is only available from them.

In order to learn properly, you need to learn conventional music notation and the old ‘tried and tested’ scales, arpeggios and 5 finger exercises- there is no other way! But it can be easy and fun!

‘Learn How to Play Electronic Keyboard or Piano in a Week!’ shows the easiest and fastest way to learn piano / keyboard finger dexterity and genuine music notation correctly - but in a fun way!

Suitable for absolute beginners- advanced, this book is also geared towards all styles of music and applicable to both piano and electronic keyboards.

Available as a (printable) eBook – instantly downloadable or as a coil bound paperback, conveniently designed to lay flat on your music rack.

Some of the items covered in the book are:

  • Choosing the right keyboard or piano for your requirements;
  • How to learn easy finger dexterity even without a keyboard or piano;
  • Learn how to read piano / keyboard music notation correctly and easily;
  • Learn how to play every piano / keyboard scale and arpeggio that you’ll ever need (in a fun way);
  • Learn how to play Blues & Pentatonic Scales (essential for piano / keyboard improvisation);
  • Learn how piano / keyboard chords are constructed and how to play them;
  • See chord charts in keyboard view for every chord that you will ever need in every key;
  • Learn to play several easy – moderate practice pieces;
  • Learn how to play keyboard / piano from a fake book;
  • Free piano / keyboard music notation and recording software.
  • Plus More!

Kindle  -  iPad  -  Kobo and Nook versions also available.

The link for the sound files for this book is HERE.

Learning  the piano or keyboard will enrich your life more than you could possibly imagine! Do it NOW!

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